I don’t know what I just watched but it was electric. Just a 30 second promo video of Harry Styles walking and I am all in.  My brain is telling me this is a solo song coming out April 7th. It better not be a photoshoot or some bullshit. I need Harry Styles solo music and I needed it about a year ago.

I have told Justin time and time again on Anything Goes that Harry Styles is going to destroy the Internet with his first solo song and then his first album.  I’m a massive Zayn guy and even I can admit that Harry Styles is a rockstar. Anything he touches is pure electricity and I am fully confident that this single will be absolutely fuego.

A dude like Harry Styles doesn’t just go to Hollywood first after 1D’s hiatus and then release his album if he wasn’t big time. He is absolutely going to knock it out of the park.  You have a “Lim guarantee” on that.

If his song/album sucks, I will apologize on FB Live for Anything Goes, just like I had to for Frank Ocean.