In news that will shock no one, outrageous sports dad LaVar Ball is indeed far worse at basketball than he’s built himself up to be.

The living embodiment of a cheap marketing gimmick, Ball has spouted oodles of ridiculous nonsense since his son, Lonzo Ball, first suited up for the UCLA Bruins this season. A future NBA lottery pick, Lonzo is quite the basketball talent, as are his two high school-aged brothers, but his father’s ridiculousness has unfortunately detracted from that.

Feeding off of the sensationalist sports media of today, LaVar Ball has used his big mouth to attract unwarranted attention to his family, which is assuredly part of his plan many years in the making of how to make his basketball-playing sons as famous as possible.

However, it’s 2017, and there’s photo/video evidence abound that consistently puts brazen loudmouths like LaVar Ball in check, and this video from 2002 showing LaVar, a former benchwarmer for the Washington State Cougars, playing in a men’s league game puts him in his place and then some.

Sporting the number 8 jersey, Ball looks like a fool throughout most of the video, continuously getting outmuscled on rebound attempts and blown by while attempting to play defense. He almost looks as if he isn’t really trying, which wouldn’t be surprising for someone who seems to sport as little pride and self-respect as Ball.

For a man who claimed that, in his prime, he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one, LaVar Ball certainly doesn’t look the part. To be fair, Ball is in his mid-30s in this footage, and it’s not like MJ was accomplishing much on the hardwood in his mid-30s. Oh, except for this.