Cristiano Ronaldo has gained plenty of fame over the years for several things. Of course, he has been one of the world’s top soccer players for a decade now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. And it’s also helped his celebrity status that he looks like a GQ model who just happens to be a professional athlete. However, even the most dashing of men can have their appearances ruined by the most unskilled of artisans.

On Wednesday, Ronaldo had a bronze bust of himself unveiled at the Aeoroporto Cristiano Ronaldo, an airport in Ronaldo’s native Madeira, Portugal, that was recently renamed in his honor.

A hideous representation of Madeira’s most famous denizen, the statue is an insult to Ronaldo, not an honor. The statue’s craftsman, who evidently felt that the Hunchback of Notre Dame-looking statue somehow resembled CR7, should be ashamed of himself.

Ronaldo had a good laugh at the bust’s expense and merely seemed happy to receive the prestigious honor of having the airport named after him, but one can’t help but wonder how infuriated he was on the inside when first laying eyes on the monstrosity said to be his face.

Oh, well, at least Cristiano can take solace in knowing that he isn’t the only handsome athlete to have his appearance misrepresented by a lazy artist. Tom Brady has been victimized by one, too.