During his NBA career, Scottie Pippen was known as being the stoic sidekick of Michael Jordan on those great ’90s Chicago Bulls teams. Never one for drawing unwarranted attention to himself or his team, Pippen built up his Hall of Fame résumé through his hard work and selfless play. The fact that he went from having to walk on at Central Arkansas (then an NAIA school) to being one of the best two-players in the history of the NBA is a testament to Pippen as a basketball player.

However, since retiring, Pippen has surfaced in the headlines from time to time, and none of those headlines have never seemed to be positive. There was that cringe-worthy comeback attempt for those random Scandinavian basketball teams. There have been financial troubles, reality television stints, well-documented relationship issues with his wife, fights with the paparazzi and, most disgusting of all, multiple quotes made to the public basically bashing his former Bulls comrades.

First, he turned his back on MJ, without whom Pippen’s spectacular NBA career would have likely not been possible, by saying on a talk show that “LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game.” And this was when LeBron was only 26 years old.

Now, Pippen is turning on his former mentor and head coach, Phil Jackson, the current president of the New York Knicks. Of course, Jackson has done a pretty pathetic job as Knicks president since taking over, basically making the franchise in need of a major overhaul at the time of his hiring even worse since then. And Pippen, who must be a big fan of the movie Liar, Liar couldn’t help but express his opinion that Jackson should be fired when on another talk show this morning.

Degrading Jackson for his failures to “put the right pieces on the floor,” Pippen stated the truth. However, he didn’t have to do that. Perhaps, Pippen is only trying to stay relevant by continuing his bash his supposed friends to the media because turning on them by publicly degrading them is a surefire way of alienating them.

Maybe, His Airness and the Zen Master will be able to forgive and forget. Because Pippen has already permanently alienated Patrick Ewing. He can’t afford to tick off any other all-time greats.