I love making these types of predictions! It’s always fun analyzing the foundation of every NFL team and how they will progress over the next 5 seasons. Let’s dive on in Folks, and see how your team fares!

Superbowl LII- 2018- U.S. Bank Stadium- Minneapolis, MN

New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers

This match-up is pretty chalk. The Pats are the odds-on-favorite to win Superbowl LII and the Packers easily have the best QB in the NFL. With the additions of Cooks and Gilmore, New England has added elite talent on both sides of the ball, making their squad even more dangerous. Green Bay, on the other hand, has slowly added young talent to the defense and in 2018 I expect them to take a surprisingly large step towards greatness (similar to the Falcons in 2017). The top 2 QB’s in the NFL will go at it one last time as Tom Brady has the last elite season of his career.. unfortunately for you Pats fans, Tommy Boy will come up short. Packers 27 over Patriots 23.

Superbowl LIII-2019- Mercedes-Benz Stadium- Atlanta, Georgia 

Tennessee Titans vs. Seattle Seahawks

Now things get fun! The Titans took an enormous step in 2017 as they barely missed the last seed in the playoffs. Marcus Mariota looks like he will be the next great NFL QB with his blazing speed and precise decision making. It will take Tennessee a couple years to grab weapons that will take this offense to the next level but with the 5th pick and 18th pick in the 2017 draft, I like their odds. On the other side of the ball, Seattle has Russell Wilson (who will be in his absolute prime) and the most dangerous defense in the NFL. This game will be one for the ages, but I’ll side with the grizzly veteran Wilson to take home the W. Seahawks 21 over Titans 20. 

Superbowl LVI- 2020- Hard Rock Stadium- Miami Gardens, Florida

Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings 

I do not think Teddy Bridgewater will play in 2018.. then in 2019 I believe he will be getting the rust off the old tires.. finally, in 2020, he will take an elite step by bringing the Vikes to the Superbowl. In my mind, Teddy is a better version of Alex Smith, which is all you need when you have a top 5 defense on the other side of the ball.

It’s only a matter of time before the “Oakland” Raiders make the Superbowl. I honestly thought they were going to make it in 2017 but unfortunately Derek Carr broke his leg. This is a fun match-up as Big B is the biggest Vikes fan I know and the Raiders are such a classic badass team. Vikes eek out their first Superbowl in Florida Vikings 34 over Raiders 28.

Superbowl LV- 2021- Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park- Inglewood, California  

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys

Three years.. that’s what your boy Big Buck Hunter has been saying all along. The more I think about it, the more I believe Blake Bortles is NOT the answer, that’s why I don’t have my Jags in the 2018 Superbowl ;). So let’s plan it out.. Blake sucks in 2018, and the Jags don’t pick up his option. In 2019, the Jags take Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. The rookie or sophomore seasons for an NFL QB rarely results in a Superbowl so I will give a two-year learning curve as the Jags continue to draft and sign play-makers on offense and defense. In 2021, Jacksonville will not only make the Superbowl, but beat “America’s Team”. There is no doubt the Cowboys are back to their old ways of making the playoffs every year and competing for Superbowls but in Superbowl LV they are going to run into a freight train called “DUVAL”. Jaguars 28 over Cowboys 21 on a masterful two-minute drive by “Dosen” (patent pending). 

Superbowl LVI- 2022- TBD

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

BACK-TO-BACK SUPERBOWLS BABY! Unfortunately, the Jags will not come out so victorious as Jameis Winston rips my boys a new ass-hole. Buccaneers 38 over Jaguars 31.  

What do ya’ll think?? @TheLedgeSports