Add stereotypical excuse-maker to the already-long list of LaVar Ball’s negative characteristics. Yes, the worst sports dad in the history of sports dad has now resorted to petty stereotypes in his quest to sell the public on the idea that his basketball phenom son, Lonzo, is the NBA’s savior.

After a marvelous freshman season with the UCLA Bruins, Lonzo saw his team bow out of the NCAA Tournament in the Sweet 16, losing 86-75 to the Kentucky Wildcats. True to form, LaVar had hyped up the game as a surefire win for UCLA and guaranteed that his son would play an incredible game. Instead, Lonzo played one of his worst games of the season at the most inopportune time, and it ultimately cost the Bruins.

Now, two weeks in the making, LaVar has the lamest, most pathetic excuse ever for why his son fell flat in the Sweet 16, pinning the blame entirely on Lonzo’s teammates. More specifically, his white teammates.

“Realistically you can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow,” LaVar Ball told the Orange County Register. Effectively throwing shade at Bryce Alford, T.J. Leaf and Thomas Welsh, three of UCLA’s top players from this past season, who all happen to be white, Ball used the old “slow white guy” stereotype to make an excuse for Lonzo.

Not only is that a dumb-ass point to make, especially in a newspaper interview, but it’s incredibly petty since Lonzo has already declared for the draft and will never even suit up for UCLA again. So LaVar is basically burning his son’s own bridges and can’t be helping matters for his two youngest basketball-playing sons, both of whom have aspirations to play at UCLA.

Even though plenty of all-time great college basketball teams have been led by  “slow white guys,” one need not bother bringing that up to refute LaVar Ball’s stupid point. One need only reference this embarrassing footage of LaVar failing miserably at playing basketball in a men’s league game to showcase who the slow, unathletic player holding his team back really is.