Disclaimer: “Sign of the Times gets better as the song goes on and I am sure that by lunchtime I will probably semi-like it.  However, this will never be a song I jam to on the weekends and “PillowTalk” was when it was released.  I really don’t understand why Harry Styles went the slow route with his first single and not an absolute heater like Zayn’s PillowTalk.

Like I said though, this song will grow on me but the only time I will listen to it is when I’m by myself probably sitting in my room or some bullshit. I thought this was going to be a lot better than this.  I’m still not giving up hope though because Harry is a rockstar and maybe song 2 will be a banger because there is still a chance he is the next David Bowie (“hot take alert”).

It also doesn’t help that The Chainsmokers dropped an album today and we already know they produce jams after jams.  Tough timing.