Last week, One Direction star Harry Styles shared his first solo single with the world. “Sign of the Times” shot to #1 in over 80 countries within hours of its release, and earlier this morning, fans had something new to scream over.

Styles posted two tweets today. The tracklist was featured, along with two photos of him shirtless in a pink, flowery bath. I have no idea what’s going on but if this is the album’s aesthetic, I am 110% on board. It feels dreamy and dramatic, and if “Sign of the Times” is anything to judge by, it’s definitely on that track.

And those titles all scream mystery. “Meet Me in the Hallway,” “Kiwi,” and “Ever Since New York” sound like they have quite a story behind them.

The album’s release date is set for May 12th, but no title has been announced yet.

Check out the tweets below: