God I’m really missing thrones right now. So we’ll do this in honor of the NHL playoffs being in full swing, and the fact that thrones should be on right now but isn’t starting till July or some shit.






Patrice Bergeron: Ned Stark



Just a couple real stand up guys. Never complain, always show up to work even if they have a punctured lung and some broken ribs (god I love Berg). Hopefully Berg doesn’t suffer a similar fate though, that’d make me one sad blogger L


Sidney Crosby: Cersei Lannister

Both are currently sitting at the top of the game. Yet, they’re both raging bitches.


Jonathon Toews: Jon Snow

Ah, this was easy. Both natural born leaders, winners, real blue collared guys.. yet, I have the desire to drill both of them right in the suck hole.


Jaromir Jagr: Jorah Mormont

Just a couple of old bulls that used to be the best at what they did, and were also both considered to be traitors at one point. We just can’t seem to get rid of either of them, but hopefully Jorah goes first… That guys just wasting screen time at this point.


Ryan Reaves: Khal Drogo

225 pounds of absolute man that’ll rip your throat out if you disrespect anyone or anything he even slightly cares about.


Gary Bettman: Hodor

Both fat with no clue what’s going on around them… Really hoping Bettman goes down in similar fashion to my boy Hodor. #RIP