The playoff series going on right now between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls is something else. So far, it’s brought with it plenty of drama and wacky moments. From Rajon Rondo trying to trip a dude from the bench to Jae Crowder and Robin Lopez untying each other’s shoes like kindergarteners, this series has been filled with head-scratching moments.

Another such moment occurred after Boston’s Game 4 victory on Sunday night when the normally-subdued Fred Hoiberg had this to say about Isaiah Thomas.

First of all, Hoiberg screams college coach. He should’ve never left Iowa State. The awkwardness with which he delivers this godawful hot take is laughable and not befitting of an NBA head coach.

Secondly, that hot take would hold water…if this were 1963. It’s 2017. Referees don’t call carrying anymore like they used to before the game was as overall athletic as it is now. If refs called palming like Hoiberg is suggesting, then bye-bye Eurostep. Bye-bye dribble-drive. Bye-bye fun and excitement.

Thirdly, this was a really dumb point to make with no upside. The refs aren’t going to closely monitor Thomas’s dribbling now all because Hoiberg pointed it out. Especially considering that literally everyone under 6’10” dribbles like that in today’s NBA. It’s also incredibly dumb because Thomas, who obviously already had some really heavy motivation to perform well in this series, is now going to probably go absolutely off on the Bulls.

With no Rondo in the picture to limit Thomas, IT4 could likely score at will if he wanted to, and that may be what the world sees in Games 5 and 6 of this series.

Thomas is right. Nobody on this Bulls team can adequately guard him in one-on-one coverage, and now that Hoiberg has basically poured gasoline on Isaiah’s fire with his silly critique, the Bulls could very well be in for a rude awakening.