The NBA’s newfangled “Last Two Minute Reports” have garnered widespread criticism from fans, players and coaches alike all season long. Yet the NBA refuses to do away with them. Effectively throwing referees under the bus by nitpicking at calls made in such a short span of time during the game, these reports are unfair to all parties involved.

But the most recent one takes the absolute cake. A few days after LeBron James hit a clutch three-pointer that proved to be a game-winner, the NBA felt it necessary to release an L2M report stating that the big shot shouldn’t have ever occurred because LeBron traveled prior to setting up for the shot. Let’s analyze the footage, shall we?

The supposed travel occurs at the 14-second mark, when LeBron quickly shuffles his pivot foot before moving to his left. Sure, technically, that’s a travel. But here’s the problem with that. NBA referees literally NEVER whistle that as a walk. Hell, half of the time, they don’t even call a travel when a player takes three consecutive steps before going up for a layup, which is far more egregious than shuffling a pivot foot.

So it basically solves nothing by pointing out that there happened to be a borderline walk in the last two minutes when far more blatant walks occur at all stages of the game. Like this.

And this.

And all of these.

Therefore, drawing attention to¬†such a minute example of a blown traveling call essentially spites the entire NBA. One of the most pivotal shots from this entire postseason was diluted because the NBA just couldn’t let it slide that LeBron shuffled his pivot foot.

These L2M reports are effective only at making the league look bad. They’re not improving the quality of officiating because they’re only focusing on such a small window of the game, and, especially in this case, they’re ruining pivotal moments that are supposed to be positives for the NBA.

So if the NBA wants to be more transparent concerning officiating, these officiating reports should either be 48-minute reports or zero-minute reports because the two-minute reports are good for absolutely nothing.