You’ve heard it before, but here it is again: Russell Westbrook can’t do it all himself.

That headline has been written a million times since Kevin Durant left OKC for Golden State. It’s a topic Westbrook has despised throughout the season, and he showed after the Thunder’s Game 4 loss just how tired he is of hearing it.

Unfortunately for Westbrook and the rest of the team, the reporter did have a point. The Thunder’s struggles with the potential MVP on the bench were crystal clear. Westbrook can avoid the questions all he wants, but he can’t avoid the reality. Oklahoma City’s 105-99 loss to the Rockets in Game 5, despite Westbrook’s 47 points, pretty much summed everything up.

Sports Betting Dime said OKC had the best shot (7/2 odds) at making their comeback out of all the teams down in their playoff series. It wasn’t an outlandish thing to believe with Westbrook leading the charge. But as it turns out, that James Harden guy is pretty good too, and his “supporting cast” (a term that Westbrook hates) was far superior.

It goes without saying that OKC needs to get their superstar some help. Earning the No. 6 seed in a notoriously tough Western Conference was an impressive feat, but it was credited more to Westbrook’s historic season than the team’s overall success. We’ll just have to wait and see where the Thunder go from here.

But for now, Westbrook’s focus shifts toward the MVP award and picking out a new wardrobe.