There have been plenty of awkward kiss cam moments at NBA games over the years. In fact, there have probably been more awkward kiss cam moments than comfortable ones.

Plenty of embarrassing rejections have taken place. Plenty of siblings presumed to be boyfriend and girlfriend have found themselves on the kiss cam together. But last night’s awkward kiss cam moment at the Toronto Raptors-Milwaukee Bucks playoff game took the proverbial cake.

A mother and son were taking in the game at the Bradley Center and minding their own business when the kiss cam operator spotted them and decided to go for it. Although this woman does look kind of young to have a son that age, she definitely looks too old for the kiss cam operator to have mistakenly assumed that the two were an item. It’s actually kind of pervy on his or her part to think that.

To be fair, the guy could’ve quickly kissed his mom on the cheek or given her a hug and then mouthed, “That’s my mom.” But his nonplussed reaction and his mom’s disgusted response indicate that they’re not exactly the touchy-feely type and thus made the moment even more awkward.

The Bucks evidently have a serial history of awkward kiss cam moments, but this one was honestly a little too awkward. The fact that the camera guy lingered on them, even after the dude revealed the woman to be his mother, was kind of creepy. The Bucks need to fine-tune their kiss cam gameplan during the offseason because icky incestuous moments are not the way to go.