Awww the Kentucky Derby.. one of the most glorious and lovely days in all of sports. Not to mention my second favorite betting day behind the Master’s. This year we have a few beautiful horses that are going to increase my bank account. In this article, I am going to give you the horses that will finish in first, second, and third. I will be betting a lot of money for my number one horse to win, but I will also be placing bets on all three horses to place in the top 3.. Here we gooooo!

Third Place– Let’s start by saying the race is wide open this year.. there is no American Pharaoh is the stable this year folks, which makes for upsets and big bucks to be made! Irish War Cry is currently sitting at 13/2 odds and just put in a magnificent pre-derby workout. The young colt out of New Jersey is quickly turning heads, I highly suggest locking in those odds today because you won’t get much better come race day.

Second Place– Dark Horse! Practical Joke has been absolutely destroying the circuits all season, yet comes in at 16/1 odds.. umm.. yes please! At one point PJ was sitting at 25/1, which tells us the odds makers are seeing a rising trend. I’m jumping on this before the odds are top five.

First Place– As you are about to see, we do not have the top 2 odds on favorites in our top three (Classic Empire and Always Dreaming). Instead we roll with McCraken to win the 2017 Kentucky Derby! At 7/1, McCraken is currently has the 4th best odds to win after a “minor injury” on Feb 11th. In Big Buck Hunter’s personal opinion, we are getting McCraken at a steal due to these reports. He should be the odds on favorite. Lucky for us it will only put more money in our pockets!


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