The two biggest takeaways from Tuesday night’s Orioles-Red Sox game were 1. The bad blood isn’t going anywhere and 2. Manny Machado has a potty mouth.

Just when it seemed like cooler heads would prevail between these divisional rivals, Chris Sale threw behind Machado’s legs and opened up a brand new can of worms.

Sale throwing behind Machado appeared to be a clear response to the Orioles drilling Mookie Betts a night before. That being the case, there’s nothing wrong with what Sale and the Red Sox did here.

Matt Barnes throwing at Machado’s head a week ago was wrong. You don’t throw at the head. That’s inexcusable. Even as a Sox fan I took Baltimore’s side in that incident because aiming for the head is bush league. But Sale aimed behind Machado’s lower body a night after Betts was nailed in the quad. It was a fair response, but don’t tell Machado that.

The superstar third baseman ripped the Red Sox after the game (with some very impressive vocabulary) for continuing to throw at him.

Yikes… someone get Manny a Xanax.

Here’s what he conveniently left out of that postgame interview. For starters, as I mentioned above, his team drilled the Red Sox’s star Betts the previous night. Secondly, a pitch buzzed by rookie phenom Andrew Benintendi’s head during Tuesday night’s game, yet the O’s pitcher wasn’t ejected despite both benches being warned earlier. Could you imagine the reaction if that was a Red Sox pitcher throwing near another Orioles player’s head? Buck Showalter would have an aneurysm.

I get that it’s frustrating for Machado. No one ever wants 90+ mph pitches anywhere close to their body. But that comes with the territory when your team plunks a star player when tensions are already high. As the clear superstar on the Orioles, you’re going to get balls thrown behind you in retaliation. That’s how it works. The Red Sox aren’t going to respond by throwing behind Trey Mancini, they’re going to respond by throwing behind you, the face of the organization.

The point is, Machado shouldn’t have cried to the media after the game. He sounds like an overdramatic diva. Instead, he should’ve just let this bomb off Sale speak for him and leave it at that:

We’ll just have to wait and see whether the fireworks carry over into Wednesday night’s game between these two fiery teams. Machado likely will be playing with some pent up anger. Chris Sale, on the other hand, seems like he’ll be calm as a cucumber when he watches on.