Now now, I know there are plenty of other amazing sports movies out there. However, I really don’t care because in my 21 years of life I’ve enjoyed these 10 sports movies more than the rest… Make sense? Perfect!

Before we start I need to give a shout out to Air-Bud, as well as that monkey that tried to be Air-Bud but just wasn’t quite up to par. You 2 have brought plenty of joy to me throughout my life, and it truly pains me to leave you off this list.


10) Caddyshack:



Just a great flick here, some will argue it’s the best golf movie out there… To those I say “Wrong.”

9) Mighty Ducks:



This movie convinced me that truly anything is possible. If Charlie Conway and his squad of misfits can go from a winless season to winning the ‘ship… Anything is possible.

8) Jerry Maguire:



Show me the money! God damnit I love you Jerry.

7) Slap Shot:



If I ask who the scariest line in hockey history is and you don’t answer the Hanson Bro’s, you don’t know hockey, and I don’t wanna know you.

6) Happy Gilmore:



We’ve yet to see any rivalry in not only golf but any sport that’s even comparable to Happy vs Shooter. This movie taught me how to talk shit to my opponents on the golf course, an absolutely vital skill when your lefty slice is as bad as mine.

5) Space Jam:



Was there any doubt this be top 5? Space Jam was mind blowing to me.. how the hell could Michael Jordan be on the same screen as Bugs Bunny and his squad?! Absolute stumper still to this day.

4) Rocky:



Ahh Rock, would’ve cracked the top 3 had the movies not gotten so tough to watch as they got on. But man when Rock stood toe to toe with THE Apollo Creed… Unreal stuff, can’t make that shit up.

3) Remember the Titans:



On a serious note, this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Seeing what all the players and coaches went through, only to come together as a dominant interracial team was amazing. If not for Ryan Gosling being a straight up liability at corner, this team would’ve been unbeatable.

2) The Sandlot:



The over under on how many times I’ve seen Sandlot has gotta be hovering around 70-80. And that’s low balling it. The thing is, I’m probably gonna throw it on after I finish this article and none of it will ever get old. I still get all hot and bothered thinking about the first time young Brett  laid eyes on Wendy Peffercorn.

1) Miracle:



Hands down the best story in American sports history. I vividly remember standing up and clapping in the movie theater at the ripe age of 8 after this movie ended. It is just the best.

Let me leave you with this.