Finals are over baby! Fingers crossed your boy salvaged some halfway decent grades! We’ll switch it up a little here and move over to the offensive side of the ball to see if your team has the top set of running backs heading into 2017.




10) New Orleans Saints

Projected backfield: RB 1: Adrian Peterson, RB 2: Mark Ingram, RB 3: Alvin Kamara

I just don’t really know what to make of this backfield.. it could end up as the league’s best or end up as straight average. I have a feeling that drafting Kamara could very well leave to a Ingram trade.



9) Cincinnati Bengals

Projected backfield: RB 1: Joe Mixon, RB 2: Giovani Bernard, RB 3: Jeremy Hill

Mixon was the most well rounded RB in this draft class, it won’t take him long to pass the one dimensional tandem of Gio and Hill.


8) Tennessee Titans

Projected backfield: RB 1: DeMarco Murray, RB 2: Derrick Henry, RB 3: Khalfani Muhammed

Man these two bruisers wreaked havoc last season, and with Henry going into his second season look for him to help out DeMarco with the bulk as this team threatens for a playoff spot.



7) Arizona Cardinals

Projected backfield: RB 1: David Johnson, RB 2: Andre Ellington, RB 3: TJ Logan

Yeah yeah yeah, DJ is arguably the best RB in the whole NFL.. However! The depth behind him is atrocious, if DJ goes down this offense could be fuuuuucked.



6) Carolina Panthers

Projected backfield: RB 1: Christian McCaffrey, RB 2: Jonathan Stewart, RB 3: Fozzy Whitaker

I cannot wait to see how the panthers will use my man C-Dog.. add in that second round pick Curtis Samuel can also play in the backfield and this is a terrifying group of backs.



5) Minnesota Vikings

Projected backfield: RB 1: Dalvin Cook, RB 2: Latavius Murray, RB 3: Jerrick McKinnon

It’s rare you see a rookie starting for Mike Zimmer… But in this case I don’t see how Cook loses the job. Having a pro bowler as the backup in Murray and an excellent pass catcher in McKinnon gives the Vikes the perfect trio of backs.



4) Atlanta Falcons

Projected backfield: RB 1: Devonta Freeman, RB 2: Tevin Coleman, RB 3: Brian Hill

Wow… 3 young guys that are all serious playmakers. I keep putting the falcons on these lists and it’s really scary because all their guys are super young. Watch out for this rookie Hill, he’s a guy that’s gonna make a lot of teams regret passing him up.




3) Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected backfield: RB 1: Leonard Fournette, RB 2: TJ Yeldon, RB 3: Chris Ivory

Kill me for saying it, but Leonard Fournette is a top 5 RB in the NFL without even taking a snap. Add a great run blocker/pass catcher in Yeldon as well as a bruiser in Ivory and this is a group that’s going to work defenses.


2) Pittsburgh Steelers

Projected backfield: RB 1: LeVeon Bell, RB 2: James Conner, RB 3: Knile Davis

LeVeon is the NFL’s best RB. Hands down. Adding James Conner in the draft was huge! He’ll be a great compliment back to Bell (and is more than capable of carrying the load should Bell decide to start smoking the grass again).



1)Dallas Cowboys

Projected backfield: RB 1: Ezekial Elliot, RB 2: Alfred Morris, RB 3: Darren McFadden

This group is #1 mainly because of the line they run behind. It’s also tough to top a group that’s got 3 guys that’ve rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season before. And the thing nobody wants to talk about is that Zeek should only get better this year… Dallas is your top group of running backs heading into the 2017 NFL season.