Chris Iannetta was hit in the face with a 93 mph fastball Friday night.

It was a frightening moment as Iannetta laid on the ground in serious pain, bleeding from his nose and mouth while worried fans and teammates looked on. Obviously, this wasn’t a laughing matter and he’s lucky he avoided serious injury. The Diamondbacks organist, though, made it extremely difficult not to chuckle.

That’s because he went all out on the upbeat music. Like, ALL out. I get trying to lighten the mood, but this was a bit much.

Iannetta was hospitalized with injuries to his nose and mouth. It was reported he lost a tooth in the incident, but the Diamondbacks have yet to update with further details.

We appreciate the organist attempting to make Chase Field a cheerful place during a scary situation. That said, it might be a good idea to ease up just a tad next time a player takes a mid-90s fastball to the mouth.