One of the breakout stars of this year’s NBA postseason is rookie San Antonio Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray. Getting substantial playing time off of the bench due to Tony Parker’s injury, Murray has lived up to his first-round selection in last year’s draft. Tall and lean, Murray fits the mold of the new generation of point guards and seems poised for success in the NBA.

But the young man definitely has one thing working against him in terms of being taken seriously as an NBA player, and that’s his godawful deltoid tattoo. Feast your eyes.

Not only is it hideous, but it’s practically impossible to make out exactly what it is. Resembling a lizard man with braces, Murray’s pathetic excuse for ink looks like it was drawn on with a Sharpie by a little kid.

Murray might come to regret having an X-Files monster tattooed prominently on his arm as he receives more and more notoriety for it, but at least the Spurs franchise clearly has no issue with sporting players with godawful ink. Even Tim Duncan, the greatest Spur of all time, made some terrible tattoo choices.

At least, for Murray’s sake, an extraterrestrial with dental hardware can’t out-ugly a demonic jester.

Of course, considering that Murray already had the tattoo as a freshman at the University of Washington, one could reasonably surmise that it’s a tattoo that Murray received at a cheap, seedy tattoo parlor while a cash-strapped high schooler. It’s always easy to pick out the tattoos that people doled out some cash for and the ones that they simply insisted upon having but weren’t willing to pay an above average tattoo artist to do.

It’ll be curious to see if Murray’s newfound NBA fame pushes him to pay for a tattoo removal. Until then, he’ll simply be known as the dude with the lizard man tattoo. And that’s not exactly going to rake in endorsement deals.