The Eephus Ep. 24 – Dr. Tom

The Eephus Ep. 24 – Dr. Tom

David Price Dealing With ‘Elbow Soreness’, Will See Dr. James Andrews
Anything Goes Ep. 25 – March Madness
Anything Goes Ep. 17 – New Year, Same Shit

Kevin Kiermaier’s strange outfield struggles, a crazy cheap ticket deal for A’s fans, David Ortiz vs. Bobby Valentine, are the Red Sox rushing David Price back?, Craig Kimbrel is unhittable, the Rockies are for real, introducing the official doctor of ‘The Eephus’ Dr. Tom, Yankees retire Derek Jeter’s number, Tebow update, possible extra innings rule changes, Bryce Harper’s new deal with Nationals, duds of the week, “Don’t Call It A Comeback”, and “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot”.

NOTE: We had issues with Zack’s audio for this episode and he sounds like a robot. We apologize for that.

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