Rookie Boston Celtics small forward Jaylen Brown has arguably been underutilized in this year’s playoffs, failing to accrue at least 20 minutes of playing time in all but two games thus far. But in last night’s Game 7 win for the Celtics, Brown quietly produced one of the best all-around performances for Boston, doing a little bit of everything on both ends of the floor.

With nine points, three rebounds and steal, Brown made the most of his 20 minutes. Flying under the radar because of the stunning performance by Kelly Olynyk, Brown actually produced one of the best plays of the postseason so far, completing an end-to-end fastbreak reverse layup after forcing a turnover.

As athletic as any player on the Celtics’ roster, Brown is poised for greatness in his career, likely in position to take on a bigger role next season. However, his increase in playing time during the series versus the Washington Wizards could bode well for a favorable matchup for Brown against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Outside of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, the Cavs, despite their greatness, lack for athleticism, meaning that a freak athlete like Brown could create some serious matchup problems off of the bench against Cleveland.

There’s a definitive reason why Celtics general manager Danny Ainge reached on Brown by selecting him third overall in last year’s NBA Draft, and it’s put on full display in the above highlight.

As proven by Olynyk last night, this young, versatile Boston bunch allows for surprise performances from burgeoning players, and Brown could be on the cusp of experiencing just that en route to becoming a secret weapon for the Celtics.