Sorry for the delayed story but I can’t let a Jon Jones story not go without me having a little input. As you may or may not know, the Jon Jones Vs. Daniel Cormier II fight was supposed to happen a year ago at UFC 200 but Jones got suspended for the second(!!) time.  He said it was due to “off brand Viagra” and not a steroid estrogen blocker but I guess we’ll never know. I don’t know why I give Jon Jones the benefit of the doubt because he’s a piece of shit but I still love him when he is inside the Octagon.

Despite the year long hiatus for Jones, there was absolutely no love lost between him and Cormier last Friday night.  It was as if they never stopped hating each other.

Case in point 1:

UNREAL line out of Jones there. Used half (loosely) self-deprecation there to put Cormier in a verbal body bag. How do you come back from saying you were high as a kite a week before your title fight and still won?

CIP 2:

This was backstage before the fight. Jones allegedly said something about Cormier’s kids and well, you saw how that ended.

The Staredown:

Personally, I think Jones has a lot of real estate in Daniel’s head but I am also admittedly bias. I think Jones is the most talented fighter in UFC history and just needs to get his head out of his ass while he is still in the prime of his career.

Hopefully UFC 214 happens between these two. I will blog more about this fight as it gets closer to July.

Here are a few longer videos of the entire UFC press conference. Enjoy.