There’s not a dry eye in the room as we reach the final article of this series.. however, it’s the one everyone has been waiting for. I’m trying to think of a way to do this where I’m not doing a ranking of the top top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL. So although the starter is the main ingredient.. whoever the primary backup is will play a part as well. There are going to be A LOT of angry fan bases with me after this, so without further ado…  Let’s roll.



10) Minnesota Vikings

QB 1: Sam Bradford. QB 2: Teddy Bridgewater.*

Don’t get me wrong Sammy Sleeves is a really good QB, but this one is about Teddy. He looked like a franchise QB and a possible star heading into year 3 until that devastating knee injury. We saw him throwing at OTA’s yesterday which has Vikes fans everywhere happier than a fat kid with a slice of cake.


9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

QB 1: Jameis Winston. QB 2: Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Here’s where teams with young QB’s will be mad (yeah I’m looking at you Dallas, Philly and Tennessee). I just have this feeling about Jameis that I don’t have about the other young QB’s in the NFL… Doesn’t hurt that he’s got a little FitzMagic behind him.



8) Carolina Panthers

QB 1: Cam Newton. QB 2: Derek Anderson.

This is a huge year for the former MVP.. after a tough season the team loaded up on playmakers to help their QB (they also signed Matt Kalil to one of the worst contracts in NFL history) regain his MVP form. Should he fail, things could get cloudy in Carolina.



7) Pittsburgh Steelers

QB 1: Ben Roethlisberer. QB 2: Joshua Dobbs.

Big Ben is old, but he still fucks. I think the rookie Dobbs will have a lot of people chatting in the preseason about being Ben’s successor as he should smoke Landry Jones for the backup spot.



6) New Orleans Saints

QB 1: Drew Brees. QB 2: Chase Daniel.

Another guy that’s old as shit, yet… Still fucks.



5) Seattle Seahawks

QB 1: Russell Wilson. QB 2: Trevone Boykin.

The backup plan here has me worried, considering how bad the o-line was last season. Rumor on the street is Kaep could be coming to town.. that, would be a very VERY smart investment.


4) Atlanta Falcons

QB 1: Matt Ryan. QB 2: Matt Schaub.

The reigning, defending MVP of the NFL… Matt Ryan! Who the fuck thought that would ever be written?



3) New England Patriots

QB 1: Tom Brady. QB 2: Jimmy Garoppolo.

Yeaaaaah, sorry about this one guys… I know how up in arms Pats fans like to get.. but as the great Max Kellerman once said, “He’s going to fall off a cliff.” In regards to Brady.. and I tend to agree. Father time is still undefeated, and with Jimmy going into a contract year, could he be thrown into action if Brady falls off in the slightest? (insert thinking emoji).



2) Oakland Raiders

QB 1: Derek Carr. QB 2: EJ Manuel.

Derek Carr, will be the 2017 NFL MVP. Mark my words goddammit. And you gotta love EJ and my main man Connor Cook being the backups (insert grinning emoji).



1)Green Bay Packers

QB 1: Aaron Rodgers. QB 2: Brett Hundley.

Yeah, as we’ve gone over, I hate this team. If I could fight one person in the world it’d be Rodgers. That being said, he’s the best QB in the world.. and it ain’t close. Unfortunately, the Green Bay Packers have the top QB’s going into the 2017 NFL season.