I despise the Cavaliers. Hate that organization and the city of Cleveland. However, I LOVE JR Smith aka “Swish” and Kyrie Irving. I love that JR Smith doesn’t give one single fuck and does what he wants. That is why I am really distraught that he is claiming someone hacked his twitter last night when someone tweeted “Cavs In 7.” from his account.

Absolutely hilarious. Respected the hell out of this move until today. He deleted the tweet and came out today saying that he was hacked.

I hate when athletes say they are hacked. 94% of the time that is bullshit. This is part of that 94% and you know what? Who cares!!? Do you want him to say “nah Warriors in 4”. After last nights game it is literally impossible for the Cavs to win in anything less than seven games.

A very similar occurrence happened to Chris Paul earlier in the playoffs. Clippers were down 3-2 in the series and some dumbass reporter asked if they would be back home for Game 7.

Tough week for reporters as #chrispaul hand delivers another L. #stayinyourlane

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What do you want these players to say? No, we suck. Figure it out media.

As a fan, I want everyone on the team I root for to have that mentality that they are going to win a series no matter how deep in the hole they are. I see absolutely ZERO problem with JR tweeting that. Keep doing you Swish.

P.S. People don’t forget 🙂

Double P.S.
Cavs in 7. (but not really)