I’m sorry to XXXTentacion. I don’t know if I should know you or not but I have never heard of you until this story so my apologies. Hand up, I’ll take blame for that. I probably should know who you are. I wish it was under better circumstances I was introduced to you but people do say that all publicity is good publicity. Anyway, lets get to what everyone wants to see… XXXTentacion getting absolutely cheap shotted and obliterated.

So apparently this XXXTentacion guy had beef with another rapper named Rob Stone (?) who I guess jumped XXXTentacion’s close friend and tour buddy. Rob Stone warned Mr. X that he should not perform in Rob’s hometown but apparently Mr. X said fuck Rob Stone. The rest is in the books.

Let’s get this clear, jumping someone is a scumbag move. Rob Stone coming out of nowhere and blindsiding is a scumbag move. However, he warned XXXTentacion and looks like he was a man of his word. Old school rappers love someone who is a man of their word.

The one thing I really want to take out of this video though is the end. When XXXTentacion was limp, the body guard’s picking him up and carrying him with his feet dangle is a tough tough look. You can’t let that happen. You either need to be taken by a stretcher, stay on the ground until you wake up, or just have two body guards go on both sides of you and pick you up. In no situation can you have three body guards just carry your dead body like this:

I’d be remise if I didn’t give a shout out to Mr. X. He tweeted after the show and he couldn’t have said it any better, “it is what it is.”

If Rob Stone and XXXTentacion fought standing fair and standing up maybe it would have been a different outcome. The world may never know.