The Florida Gators are one of the nation’s top baseball powers, competing for championships year after year. They definitely take their baseball seriously in Gainesville. But in the case of Florida starting pitcher Brady Singer, he probably takes baseball a little too seriously.

The Gators’ super regional at home against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons took place over the past few days, and it was hampered by rain, with the second game postponed on Sunday due to rain. More rain caused a delay on Monday, and Singer, who was pitching at the time of the delay, was clearly not happy about it.

Visually and audibly letting it be known that he was royally pissed that a rain delay was basically putting a premature end to his start, Singer let loose a cavalcade of expletives while being cautiously escorted off of the field by a concerned teammate. The foul language, which was even picked up by ESPN’s on-field microphones at certain points during the tantrum, included a several variations of the F-bomb and multiple other expletives.

Aside from the obvious extreme rage displayed by Singer, which is cause enough for concern regarding the young man’s temperament, the reasoning behind the tantrum is even more alarming. Seriously, why was Singer so upset? It’s June in Florida, so rain is kind of the norm. Also, the level of rainfall at the time of the delay being announced was fairly high. It definitely wasn’t a drizzle. So was Singer really irate because of the delay?

He would’ve had a hard time pitching in that type of downpour. Therefore, what was up with the tantrum? Singer could’ve at least done what most pitchers do when they verbally voice their frustrations and covered his mouth with his glove. Instead, he embarrassed himself, his team, his university and, most of all, his family by acting like a crazy person for no good reason.

Florida went on to win the game and advance to the College World Series, so Singer’s tantrum was all for naught. Hopefully, for his sake, Singer will learn to control himself because cussing out Mother Nature is never a good look.