There will be a bigger breakdown of the fight come late summer but for now let’s celebrate that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are finally fighting! Brett covered it very well late last week but there needs to be multiple blogs on arguably the biggest pay per view of all time.

On this week’s Anything Goes episode we discussed the fight in detail but let’s break down the facts as well as quickly getting into it from both fighters’ standpoint in writing here.

  • Fact 1: Floyd Mayweather is 49-0 in his boxing career.
  • Fact 2: Conor Mcgregor is 0-0 in his boxing career.
  • Fact 3: Floyd is scheduled to make $100 million bare minimum.
  • Fact 4: Conor is scheduled to make at least $75 million (over five times the amount he makes in UFC)
  • Fact 5: Vegas has McGregor at +800 and the over/under is set at 9.5 rounds. We will get more detailed on prop bets a few weeks before the fight you have my word.

Now for the fun part. Quickly breaking down each fighter from a boxing standpoint.

Conor McGregor

The most electrifying man in sports is taking his talents to the boxing match. I honestly believe in McGregor’s heart of hearts he thinks he can beat Floyd at his own sport. You do not become who Conor McGregor is by not having that mentality.  He is a bonafide savage who is cocky but backs it up. That is what makes him a superstar. However, let’s make it very clear. Conor McGregor is not doing this match to prove something. He is doing this match because of money and money only. If you look at fact 4 above, he is going to make FIVE times the amount he normally does AT THE VERY LEAST. He is about to make ‘Fuck you money’ win or lose.

If we want to talk boxing, McGregor will be wearing 10 ounce gloves for the fight, instead of the four ounce gloves he wears in the MMA. It is unclear (obviously) how Conor’s hand speed will be in heavier gloves but I personally do not think that will affect his punches. His left is absolutely insane and I do not see that changing regardless of the sport.

What will change is that Conor has never fought a professional boxing match. Not against an amateur never mind potentially the greatest boxer of all time.  A video was released recently of McGregor sparring Chris Van Heerden who is ranked 30th in the world.

Obviously not the best look for McGregor here. He is getting worked around the ring. Boxers having been boxing their entire lives. MMA fighters focus on all different forms of martial arts not just fighting. I like to compare boxers to speciality relievers in the MLB and MMA fighters to utility players. One focus on a specific craft while the other tries to be well rounded.

McGregor did not see that quick jab one bit. And if he thinks that’s quick from 30th ranked in the world then he has another things coming from him come August. There is also speculation that McGregor’s camp purposely leaked that video because it was from almost a year ago and McGregor has gotten significantly better since then. I guess only time will tell if that speculation has any validation behind it.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd has everything to lose in this fight. People are saying this is a lose lose for Floyd but I disagree. Yeah it would suck losing to a non-boxer but the amount of money Mayweather is about to make should make him feel much better.  Obviously Floyd Mayweather is the heavy favorite as he should be. His hand speed is absurd and his defense is more absurder.  For example, he fought Canelo Alvarez a few years ago (who is now one of the biggest boxers in the world) and made LIGHT work of him.

Canelo is a world-renowned boxer and Floyd just ducked all his shots. What do you think will happen when Conor is in there? It should be really interesting and unorthodox to say the least.


You’ll have to listen/subscribe to Anything Goes and come to this blog in August for that answer.

Obvious Prediction

Lets make one thing clear. The press conferences and promos are going to be MUST WATCH. While that is the most obvious statement of all time, they will arguably be better than the fight itself. August 26th. It. Is. On.