Our most recent hypothetical discussion on ‘Anything Goes’ is a simple one: How long would you last in a police chase?

I’m not going to give my answer here. For that, and my co-host Salim’s answer, you can listen to the episode and subscribe on iTunes.

Why did we decide to randomly have this discussion? Good question. In the past week, there have been two notably long police chases in California, where police chases are as routine as eggs for breakfast. I watched both of them unfold and they’re wildly entertaining.

One of the chases lasted from around 9pm to 4pm PST, which is absurd. The guy lasted a while in the car before crashing into a stop sign and ditching his vehicle. He ended up doing some parkour and finding himself on a roof, where he had a standoff with police for several hours before finally giving up.

The other chase lasted a few hours as well, with the driver staying in the car the entire time and mostly driving around side streets. He somehow ended up in bushes where his car got stuck. Police bashed his passenger-side window and got the K9 out. Needless to say, the suspect gave up pretty quickly after that.

But the question, while simple and straightforward, isn’t an easy one to answer. On one hand, you technically could just drive on the highway until you’re out of gas. On the other, spike strips and pit maneuvers will most likely fuck your day up. I’m not a criminal justice major or anything, but I do know there are a ton of rules police must follow on these chases to ensure public safety.

So that leads me to this poll question: Combining time in your vehicle and on foot, how long do you believe you’d realistically last in a police chase?