Photo credit: Pamela Littky.

The word “anthem” has been overused when it comes to music. (I mean, yeah, “Closer” is a fun and catchy song but it is not an anthem.) With the release of their new single “Champion,” Fall Out Boy reminds us what a true anthem is. With powerful lyrics like “If I can live through this / I can do anything” and “I got nothing but dreams / I’m just young enough to still believe,” it’s truly a song for everybody. It’s for the teenagers who don’t yet know where their lives are heading. It’s for the young adults who’ve hit a rough patch. It’s for someone fighting in some form or another. It’s for everyone who needs the reassurance that yes, they can live through this.

Sonically, it’s in a similar vein as their last single “Young and Menace.” There’s one prominent riff, but for the most part, percussion rules. They seem to be going for a heavier, more industrial sound; while certainly different from the sonic landscape of their 2015 LP American Beauty/American Psycho, it still feels like Fall Out Boy. It’s a dynamic song, especially in the transition between the first chorus and second verse.

Mark my words, the NFL and every sports channel will overplay this song when football season starts up again. Just like they did with “Centuries.”

To top it all off, the band released the song on a Thursday, in a world where the majority of new releases are slated for Fridays. Why? They’re Fall Out Boy, damnit—they’ve been doing this for 14 years and they can do whatever they want. We’re all just along for the ride at this point.

M A  N   I    A drops September 15; in the meantime, listen to “Champion” below.