Justin Verlander has no problem with Mariners speedster Jarrod Dyson breaking up his perfect game with a bunt Wednesday night.

In the bottom of the sixth with his team down 4-0, Dyson laid down a spectacular bunt to put the Mariners in the hit column. With Dyson’s speed, Verlander pretty much had a 0.3% chance to do anything about it.

Usually, bunting when a pitcher has a no-no is frowned upon. It’s one of the many “unwritten rules” baseball has to offer. However, Verlander made an exception for Dyson’s bunt.

“It was a perfect bunt,” Verlander said, via MLB.com. “That’s part of his game. I don’t think it was quite too late, given the situation, to bunt, especially being as how that’s a major part of what he does. I really didn’t have any issues with it. It’s not like I got upset about it.”

So Verlander doesn’t have an issue with it, as he shouldn’t. Bunting is Dyson’s game. When you have speed like that and you’re only down four runs in the sixth, you’re still doing anything you can to give your team an advantage. If it’s the ninth inning, this is an entirely different story. But it was the sixth and Verlander’s pitch count was already getting up there.

What makes this story funny, though, is Verlander had a MAJOR problem when Erick Aybar tried breaking up his no-no with a bunt a while back. To the point where he even threatened to bean him Aybar next time he faced him.

But that was a much different scenario. Having a no-hitter in the eighth is FAR different than one in the sixth.

The Mariners went on to win 7-5, showing Dyson’s bunt might’ve been just the spark Seattle needed to get going.