There are a few rules to keep in mind when drafting tight ends.. Rule number 1- Never draft a rookie tight end because they have a big learning curve when transitioning into the NFL. Rule number 2- Never take a tight end in the first three rounds (especially Gronk) because it’s a hard position to predict and you can draft talent in any round. Last rule, Rule Number 3- tight ends just aren’t that important, you win championships with WR’s and RB’s. With that being said, let’s dive on in!

10. Zach Ertz- Philadelphia Eagles 

I can never get Ertz right.. sometimes he’s the best TE in the league and other days he looks like he should have a designated seat on the bench. Ertz is a guy I will probably try to snag as my high upside back up if he falls late in my draft. He could end up being an extremely valuable trade piece.

9. Tyler Eifert- Cincinnati Bengals 

Never been a big Eifert fan. Even in his dominant seasons I thought he was too TD dependent. With the additions of rookies Mixon and Ross, I think Eifert takes a hit usage wise.

8. Eric Ebron- Detroit Lions 

I was a big fan of Ebron going into last season because he has off the charts talent and he was going in the 9th round or later. I totally thought he was going to be a top 3-4 TE. With that said, I will be drafting Ebron in 2017 for those same reasons. I suggest you do the same.

7. Delanie Walker- Tennessee Titans 

I have mixed feeling about Walker this year because of the off season signings of Decker and Corey Davis. Delanie was the top target last season but I’m worried his value will take a hit in 2017.

6. Greg Olsen- Carolina Panthers 

Similar situation here with Olsen, I’m afraid the offensive style/scheme with being changing to a quick pace with McCaffery and Samuel which doesn’t bode well for TE’s. Having said that, I still think Greg Olsen will pull his weight fantasy wise and be a consistent player getting at least 10 fantasy points per game.

5. Kyle Rudolph- Minnesota Vikings 

Biggest surprise to me last year was that Rudolph was the number 2 TE in PPR leagues last season. The former Pro Bowl MVP was going as a back up TE at the end of drafts last season. Now he comes in at number 5 in our preseason rankings. Doesn’t matter to me if Teddy or Sam is throwing him the ball in 2017, he has high up side across the board.

4. Jimmy Graham- Seattle Seahawks 

Nothing made me more sad than when Jimmy was traded to Seattle.. he was one of my top keeper selections for the last 2 seasons with the Saints. But can’t be harping on the past. As we head into 2017 I like Jimmy to become a top 5 TE due to his dominance in the red zone. Russell and Jimmy needed a couple seasons to build chemistry, so look for Graham to be a hot commodity this year.

3. Rob Gronkowski- New England Patriots 

Almost every analyst has Gronk ranked as the number 1 TE heading into 2017. Can’t say I agree. Too many injuries, and too many mouths to feed in New England. If Gronk falls outside of the first 3 rounds of my drafts then I will snatch him up (but he won’t because I play fantasy with a bunch of NE homers).

2. Travis Kelce- Kansas City Chiefs 

I’m a big Travis Kelce fan, especially with Maclin out of the picture. Who the heck is Alex Smith going to throw to in the red zone? His only option is Kelce. I’m predicting 7+ TD’s, 70+ receptions, and around 1,000 receiving yards.

1. Jordan Reed- Washington Redskins 

The injuries are very worrisome, so if you are concerned about the head trauma then DO NOT draft Reed. But he is number 1 on my list for several reasons. First, He has been Kirk’s most trusted/favorite target since he stole RGIII’s job. Second, he will be targeted A LOT because the other receivers on this team are scrubs (Pryor, Doctson, Crowder, etc.). Buyer beware, but I’m locked an loaded on Reed as my top option.