Anything Goes Ep. 37 – Beef

Anything Goes Ep. 37 – Beef

Anything Goes Ep. 38 – Salim Gate
The Eephus Ep. 23 – The New York Mess Pt. 2
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XXXtentacion punches fan in the face at his show, Joe Budden vs. Migos, Josh Peck doesn’t invite Drake Bell to his wedding, Drake (the rapper) has a new song “Signs”, What song would you put on in a police chase?, Jay-Z’s new album and Tidal, Fargo season 3 finale, and much more.

Topic Times
1. XXXtentacion
2. Joe Budden vs. Migos
3. Drake & Josh
4. Drake new song
5. Song in a police chase
6. Jay Z & Tidal
7. Fargo season finale

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