Ah, flag football. The epitome of intramural sports for those of us who are/were too washed up to play a real sport in college. The games get super intense, very chippy, and more often than not a fight breaks out. At my school (THE University of New Hampshire) we play 7 v 7.. so which 7 NBA players would I select with the goal of ending Pikes reign of terror on the flag field (and well, other places…) ?



John Wall, 6’4, 204: QB, CB.


Flag is all about having speed and athletes, and Wall happens to be arguably the fastest the NBA has to offer. No clue if he can sling the pigskin, but with the play makers he’s got it won’t be hard to hit them. His speed and elusiveness will surely break many ankles as he’ll be scrambling more often than not.


Russell Westbrook, 6’3, 200: RB/Slot, CB.


Russ will be the guy starting fights for our team, every team needs one of those guys. Russ is the second fastest player in the NBA making him a killer weapon in the slot and out of the backfield. He and Wall will shut down opposing WR’s as well.


JR Smith, 6’6, 220, WR, CB/S.


Surprise pick here.. well JR was actually a top WR prospect in high school but stopped playing to focus on basketball. Probably the worst athlete on the team, but should have solid fundamentals from his high school days. Also need a guy you can rely on to show up cocked… That’s JR.


Giannis Antetokounmpo, 6’11, 220, WR, DE.


I’m confident he doesn’t know how to run a route, but tell him where to go and his 6’11 frame will surely come down with the ball. His athleticism and length will make him an absolute force off the edge. I was once playing QB in a game and a kid got to me before I had the ball in my hands… I think that’ll often be the case with the Greek Freak.


De’Aaron Fox, 6’4, 187, WR, CB.



Fox was the fastest player in the 2017 draft class and will be shifty as fuck on the gridiron. He’ll be a great player, but I really want him cause he’s fresh out of college and knows exactly what to expect from these young college kids. As the youngster, he’ll be the designated shit talker for our team.


LeBron James, 6’8, 250, OL/TE, DE.


Nobody will get around him… like, ever. And if he decides to let them, he’ll be sitting patiently waiting for a pass. QB’s won’t have much fun out there with LeBron and Giannis swatting everything down off the edge.


Kawhi Leonard, 6’7, 229, OL/TE, Spy.



Last, but not least.. the heart and soul of our defense. The best D player in the NBA will play spy, running down opposing QB’s as well as making sure TE’s don’t break off big plays. On offense he and The King will form an impenetrable wall in front of, Wall.