Ahh the 4th, perfect time to party. So in honor of the 4th, which athletes would we invite over to make our party truly epic?


Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars, 25


Seg’s is a notorious partier (part of the reason Boston shipped him out for a bag of pucks). At just 25 he’s in his party prime so he won’t be a liability out there. He’s also a good looking dude that’ll be able to bring plenty of chicks.


Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 23


Jabo strikes me as a kid in a mans body. A little pear pressure and he’ll do anything! You need a guy like that that’ll run through the fire or jump off the roof into the pool. Not to mention you know he’ll be happy to chuck the pigskin around all day (if we’re lucky he’ll bring the crab legs too).


Brian Wilson, Retired, 35


Brian Wilson drinks beer, lots of beer. And Brian Wilson fucks, without or without the beard. He brings the party.


Conor McGregor, UFC, 28


Party animal, social butterfly, professional ass kicker, it’s kinda like having the worlds most interesting man at your party. Must have.


Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants, 27


He’s seriously only 27?! The only thing more impressive than Mad-Bums postseason performances has been drinking performances after winning big games, everyone will be challenging him to shotgun, and they’ll be losing.


Skylar Diggins, Dallas Wings, 26


Can’t be a total sausage fest. Plus she’s hot and will kick some ass in the driveway.


Brent Burns, San Jose Sharks, 32


Burnsy just seems like a fun dude.


Dustin Johnson, PGA, 33