There’s a really good chance the much-anticipated super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will be a snoozer. But you wouldn’t think so judging by Showtime’s first official promotional video for the bout.

Props to Showtime for producing an amazing hype video for what in all likelihood will be a lopsided affair. Along with the vast majority of the world, I don’t think McGregor stands a chance. It’s not worth going too far in-depth about that here, though. I’ve already done that on the ‘Anything Goes’ podcast with my co-host and UFC writer Salim. We both agree Mayweather should win pretty handily to say the least.

Still, the excitement this promo video brings emphasizes just how awesome it’ll be to watch all of the interviews and press conferences in weeks leading up to the August 26 event. That itself is worth all the hype videos in the world.