Tomlinson for the Observer last month. Photo credit: Alex Bramall

What kind of artist shamelessly leaks his own song via a three-second snippet on Instagram? Louis Tomlinson does. The singer, formerly of One Direction, posted a brief clip of his upcoming single “Back To You” on his Instagram story Sunday evening.

He sings “I keep on coming back to you” over a simple, slow poppy piano accompaniment, but that’s about all we can hear.

Just three days ago, Tomlinson posted another snippet of the song—probably the intro—on his Instagram. The melody is deceptively simple, and sounds like it was plunked out on the same instrument Ed Sheeran used on “Shape Of You.” But it’s a modern sound: sort of how I imagine a collab between Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko. 

July 21st

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This isn’t the first time Tomlinson has leaked his own music. In 2015, he leaked “Home,” a song that didn’t make it onto the most recent One Direction album. It’s since become a fan favorite.

“Back To You” drops July 21st (if he doesn’t leak the whole thing first) and features Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals.