Are there really “bold” predictions in the unpredictable sport of baseball? Probably not. But here are 5 predictions for the second half that might be considered bold anyway.

1. Chicago Cubs miss the playoffs

It’s only bold because they’re the defending World Series champs. They’ve been extremely underwhelming in the first half. The championship hangover is real for the Cubbies.

I don’t see the Brewers giving up their lead in the NL Central, and the Wild Card spots seem destined to go to the Diamondbacks and Rockies. Imagine if last October someone told you this would be the case?

This sport is stupid sometimes.

2. Tim Tebow makes his Major League debut

No, not because he’ll be tearing it up in the minors. The Mets will promote him to the MLB club in September when they put together the 40-man roster. It’ll be a fun-filled month of Tebow to fittingly finish the Mets’ season off.

3. Rays and Angels clinch AL Wild Card spots

It would’ve been absolutely absurd to say this last winter, but the Rays and Angels will snag Wild Card berths. The Rays look surprisingly strong and will overtake the Yankees for second place in the AL East. The Angels are somehow hanging tight in the Wild Card hunt and they have Mike Trout returning from the DL.

4. Aaron Judge wins the Triple Crown

Judge has the home run lead with 30 and is right in the thick of things in the batting average and RBI categories. The year of Aaron Judge will continue, as the rookie will end the season with the Triple Crown. Miguel Cabrera (2012) and Carl Yastrzemski (1967) were the last two players to achieve the feat.

5. Mike Trout wins AL MVP despite missing time due to injury

OK, so I’m kind of cheating here. I have Aaron Judge winning the Triple Crown, but Mike Trout winning AL MVP despite his injury. I understand that doesn’t make much sense. But Trout winning MVP this season is still very possible.

First of all, Trout missed 23 games in 2012 and was AL MVP runner-up to Miguel Cabrera. Secondly, I have the Angels clinching a Wild Card spot. If that does indeed happen, you can give most of the credit to Trout. That would make him pretty damn valuable..