Cleveland Wins At Least 5 games

This seems like it’d be a “Fuck You” to most teams, but this is a sign of good things to come for the Browns faithful.


Denver Finishes Last in the AFC West

This offense is going to suck, a lot.


Amari Cooper Leads the NFL in Receiving Yards

“Who’s the top WR in the game?”

“Julio!” “AB” “AJ” “Chris Hogan!” “Evans” “Odell”

Not in 2017! Amari Cooper will have a better season than all those guys this year, even Hogan.


Derek Carr Wins NFL MVP

Carr, Coop, Lynch might be the top triplets in the NFL With Rodgers, Brady and Big Ben getting older while Carr approaches his prime, this is his to lose.


The Baltimore Ravens Go Into Gillette and Beat New England in the Playoffs

Every Pats fan that read this just cringed… The only team a Pats fan will openly admit to be scared of is ELITE Joe Flacco’s Ravens.


Jamal Adams Wins DROY

This is only bold because he’s a Jet.


Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Production Drops

Father time is still undefeated…


Tampa Bay Wins the NFC South… Jameis is in the MVP Discussion

I love the Bucs’ roster, and I love Jameis. The South will be super competitive between all 4 teams, but JaboWins will lead Bucs fans to theier first AFC title since Jeff Garcia was slinging it around… Lol at Jeff Garcia, funny guy.


Dalvin Cook Wins OROY

Cook might get 250 yards, but he could also end up with close to 2,000 all purpose yards depending on if Mike Zimmer decides to trust him or not.

The Super Bowl 52 Champion Will Be… The Oakland Raiders

Their roster may not be perfect, but they’ll put up points in bunches and their defense has the type of players (Khalil Mack) that’ll make game changing plays.