The Highlights

Did Olenna Tyrell just claim the title of ‘best death’ in the series? Oh my lord, talk about ruthless! To truly appreciate what we just watched, let’s back up for a second and set the scene. The Lannister army, led by Jamie, strategically gave up Casterly Rock so that they could overtake Highgarden. This led to a face-to-face meeting between Jamie and Olenna. Jamie – who has become more and more likable as of late – explained that he was taking mercy on her. She wouldn’t meet one of the cruel fates which Cersei had desired. Rather, she willingly drank the poison that Jamie poured into her glass. Jamie assured her that her death would be quick and painless. And that’s when we witnessed some of the most ruthless shit we have yet to see. Not only did Olenna admit to murdering Joffrey, but on top of it she says what we’ve all been thinking for years, “he really was a cunt, wasn’t he?” (Insert the skull and crossbones emoji here). The Queen of Thorns did not disappoint. Such a terrific line and an outstanding way to go out. For a split second, I thought Jamie was going to strangle her with his bare hands. In the end though, he knows she was right and he turned around and walked away.

We also got the highly anticipated meeting between Daenerys and Jon. If you thought that Jon was going to Dragonstone to bend the knee, well you’d be wrong. Instead, Jon asked Dany for help fighting the White Walkers and she explained that she was focused on taking out Cersei. After a talk with Tyrion, she agreed to let Jon mine the dragonglass. However, the best part of the entire meeting between Jon and Daenerys came during the introductions. After roughly two straight minutes of Daenerys’ being introduced, our boy Davos drops, “this is Jon Snow…He’s King in the North.” It was sneaky the best moment of the entire episode.

Cersei also earned a spot in this week’s highlight section due to her ruthlessness towards the Sand Snakes (fuck them). 99.9 percent of the series is obvioiusly spent rooting against Cersei. This though was one of those rare 0.1 percent moments when we as the audience were actually on her side. In all honesty, it’s about time the Sand Snakes got their comeuppance. Bravo Cersei, bravo!

The Low-lights

Jesus Bran. The fact that he finally arrived in Winterfell was nice, but damn is he cold. He’s like a teenager entering an emo phase. He’s hasn’t seen Sansa forever, and he immediately starts talking about some creepy shit! Also, just explain how you are the Three-Eyed Raven. Enough with the, ‘it’s complicated’ BS. There was a different Three-Eyed Raven and now that’s you. Boom, done.

Whenever there is incest, that’s going to be featured right here in the low-lights. Just when you think Cersei is going to zig, she zags. We all thought she was going to ‘reward’ Euron for his hard work. Instead she decides to bang Jamie again without any concern over who knows.

No Arya. Enough said.

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