The Arizona Diamondbacks might soon be forced to relocate as Major League Baseball is unhappy with the current condition of Chase Field.

According to the Arizona Republic, MLB could threaten to move the Diamondbacks out of Phoenix if the local government fails to pay for millions of dollars worth of repairs. The issues with the ballpark include a sanitary pipe that burst and an air conditioner that failed after a power surge and flooded restaurants, team offices and suites before a game.

Major League Baseball officials are so alarmed by recent equipment breakdowns at Chase Field that they might require the Arizona Diamondbacks to leave Phoenix unless the county government pays for millions of dollars in stadium repairs, an attorney for the team warned Tuesday.

So now we wait to see whether Major League Baseball and the local government takes this to arbitration or court. Judging by the Diamondbacks’ attorney, Leo Beus, the threat of the team moving out of Phoenix and maybe even Arizona as a whole is very real.

“Major League Baseball … they’re very, very concerned,” Beus said, noting he has spoken with six of the league’s top lawyers. “If Major League Baseball decides they want to create issues for us, there might not be baseball at all in Arizona.”

“We’d like to keep the franchise in place, we’d like to make peace with Major League Baseball, not that we’re at war,” he continued. “We don’t know where that’s going to come out. They’re very concerned.”

Chase Field has been the D’Backs’ home since the team’s inception in 1998.