Bartolo Colon pitches a complete game (1:00), fan gets hit in the balls with a homer (2:15), Evan Longoria hits for the cycle (4:00), Austin Jackson’s insane catch (6:44), Red Sox winning streak 9:17), Steve Bartman gets a 2016 Cubs World Series Ring (11:45), Matt Joyce suspended 2 games for using a gay slur (15:21), A’s trade Yonder Alonso to the Mariners (19:45), Who is the NL MVP if the season ends today? (22:35), Yu Darvish and Sonny Gray’s debuts with new teams  (27:27), Forming a football team with baseball players (32:04), Segments: Duds Of the Week (40:09), When You’re Hot You’re Hot (42:36), and more.

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