We’re talking freaks here people.. pure, freaks of nature. The type of freaks that could’ve succeeded in sports without doing much training at all.


LeBron James

You can hate him all you want, but the athletic ability of LeBron James has never been seen on a basketball court.


Herschel Walker

The 3 time All-American and Heisman winner at Georgia was second all-time in rushing yards in NFL history when he retired. But at 48, he entered the world of MMA where he fought twice and scored two brutal KO’s.


Jim Brown

The greatest running back of all-time has also been considered by many to be the greatest lacrosse player ever as well. He also lettered in 4 different sports at a little school called Syracuse.


Jim Thorpe

Who? I’ll tell ya who. Thorpe won gold in the 1912 Olympics’ decathlon and pentathlon, he went on to hit .252 as a major league outfielder, and also won the 1912 ballroom dancing championship.


Bo Jackson

Only player to be an All-Star in two professional sports… Need I say more?