We are officially 12 days out from the biggest fight in combat sports history… And what many consider one of the biggest sporting events of all-time. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather brings us two superstars from different worlds, meeting to clash in the world Mayweather has sat atop for the past 21 years. We knew both men would put on a show promoting the fight, we knew the animosity between the two would be high, we know it’ll be the highest grossing event in combat sports history; but what nobody knows, is how it will all play out once they’re both in the ring.



The easy call on the fight is that Floyd will duck and dodge everything Conor throws, while tagging the Irishman with counters as Conor slowly gasses out. We expect to see Conor hunt Floyd down only to come up empty handed in the exchanges. Floyd is expected to win round after round decisively, battering and embarrassing the MMA star in front of the entire world. I’ve followed Conor’s career since he made his UFC debut 4 years ago, and have studied every single one of his fights countless times. He’s hands down one of the greatest fighters I’ve ever seen compete, and is far and away the hardest hitting 155 pounder of all-time. But even a super fan like me has found it hard to find a way Conor can win… That was, until this past Saturday when the footage of McGregor utterly embarrassing former two division boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi was released.


The tape reveals McGregor absolutely bullying Paulie around the ring, landing at will, and ultimatley hurting and dropping the former champion with his thunderous left hand. The fact that Conor dropped him with his left hand wrapped in a 12 oz glove (MMA gloves are only 4 oz) and the fact that Paulie had on headgear is significant. Very significant, considering the Nevada State Athletic Commission is considering letting the men fight in 8 oz gloves. Conor once said, “The human skull cannot absorb that left hand shot.” he was obviously correct when referring to in MMA, but it appears he was also correct that not even in boxing can that shot be absorbed.

If I’ve learned one thing from following McGregor’s career, it’s do not doubt him, no matter what. His prediction of a KO between rounds 2-4 may seem bold, but if it’s going to happen, expect it early. Make sure to look for my predictions blog next week, and continue to enjoy the build up to this monumental event.. this is truly a once in a lifetime event.