The Highlights

Jon Snow is in fact the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. We got the confirmation of his Targaryen bloodline in the most casual of ways. Gilly dropped the bombshell that Rhaegar had an annulment and had remarried in a secret ceremony. Of course we all know the R+L=J Theory, but this however confirms that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married meaning that Jon is not a bastard. It’s a shame that Sam decided to pay Gilly no mind as she was revealing quite possibly the greatest mystery of the entire series. We also saw Jon nervously touch Drogon’s face. This gave us further confirmation that Jon is a Targaryen, well, because Drogon hates everyone that is not one. Drogon would not have allowed Jon to snuggle his face otherwise.

A super team, similar to that usually only seen in the NBA, is headed out beyond the Wall to capture a White Walker and present it to Cersei. The Magnificent Seven group includes Jon, Gendry, Jorah Mormont, Tormund, Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion and the Hound. Let’s be honest, the plan is a pretty terrible one that will surely end in disaster. However, it will give us, the viewer, a great episode next week. It’s guaranteed that at least one – if not more – of these men aren’t making it back. My money is on Jorah, seeing that he had a pretty emotional farewell with Dany already.

Speaking of Dany, she did not take any mercy on the Tarly’s when they refused to bend the knee along with the other captured soldiers. Randyll and Dickon were the latest victims of a fiery, dragon-induced death. Randyll met his death just as he was becoming a more sympathetic character.

Bran is finally going to make the highlight portion of the recap this week for his vision of the Night King on the move. Congratulations Bran, you finally did something useful this season.

Lastly, what a pleasant surprise it was to finally see Gendry. The last time we saw the poor guy he was in a rowboat, not to be seen again for three full seasons. He did not waste any time showing us that he was a badass as he single-handedly took out two Lannister guards with a sledge hammer-type weapon after they recognized Tyrion. He and Jon also have great banter that is reminiscent of Robert and Ned. Welcome back Gendry!

The Low-Lights

If you are just joining the recap blogs, this is a disclaimer that the ‘low-lights’ are not necessarily bad parts of the episode, but rather things that I did not like. Sometimes they are both.

Littlefinger was once again doing Littlefinger things. His plan is to pit the Stark sisters against one another. He is doing this by using the note that Cersei had Sansa write way back in season one. The letter that asked Robb to bend the knee. Of course the Starks were wise to Cersei’s plan and recognized the letter as Sansa’s writing but Cersei’s words. Littlefinger, however is hoping that this will create some chaos between the sisters. He pulled a fast one on Arya, and I for one, do not like it.

Also, how about Cersei most likely deceiving Jamie by claiming that she is pregnant? I said it in a previous recap, but anytime that there is anything incestuous (other than Jon and Dany) that will land a spot in the low-lights. Now, when you combine that with Cersei lying to Jamie – who has become a likable fellow – that is just not right. Be better than that, Cersei.

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