Seven months ago Big B got Conor McGregor at +950 odds and dropped $20 on him to win, equaling a payout of $190. That was an outstanding bet by Big B because McGregor now sits at +300, making him one of the worst bets in sports history.. and guess what.. it’s going to get better for your bank account if you follow this advice!

I don’t think people fully understand the difference between boxing and MMA. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been practicing one trait of throwing hands since he was old enough to walk (and maybe even before that). He has dedicated his entire life to improving his boxing skills which has lead to a 49-0 professional record. Conor McGregor, on the other hand, is a specialist in various wrestling styles. Jiu jitsu, grappling, and much, much, MUCH more.. with a little bit of boxing thrown in there. What I’m trying to say is Mayweather is on a whole different planet when it comes skills inside the ring. PERIOD.

For some odd reason over the past seven months, “Money” Mayweather’s odds have dropped significantly. I remember seeing them around -850 when the fight was first announced and today he is hovering at -400. That is an absolutely insane drop. Here’s the reason why this is even possible. Vegas has to adjust the odds based on how the public is betting, and McGregor has been destroying Floyd in the media, press conferences, and in general trash talk which in turn has the “frat boy” bettors throwing anywhere from $10 to $100 on him. Slowly, the odds have gotten close and closer. Professional bettors are licking their chops and as the fight approaches; more of these “rookie gamblers” are going to jump on the McGregor hype. Which is a bad choice my friends.

Mark my words, Mayweather will win this fight. But in order to make a large profit you must wait. Wait until the day of the fight because I’m predicting Mayweather’s odds to be at -275 to -325 the morning of the fight. On Saturday, people will be drinking, getting hyped on the McGregor pre fight, and throwing ill-advised money on “Notorious.” Patience and timing is everything when betting on unique events like this. Please wait until the morning of, if not hours before the fight, to bet on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This betting strategy will prove to be lucrative for everyone who reads this article. Floyd is the greatest boxer of our generation and he is fighting the worst boxing talent of his career. His odds have dropped from over -850 to -400 in just a few months and for no viable reason. These odds will be even better in the next 96 hours.

Good luck, friends!