The Highlights

The White Walkers have a dragon. THE WHITE WALKERS HAVE A DRAGON! Ok, so this is obviously less than ideal for the good guys, but oh my lord does this make things interesting. People knew that this was eventually coming, right? (and I’m not talking about the people who lack willpower and watched the leaked episode early). It still doesn’t make it any easier to swallow though. I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear when I saw Drogon’s sibling come crashing down into the water, and if you can’t say the same, you are either lying or have no soul.

Things could have been a lot worse for the East Watch gang had it not been for Daenerys. First of all though, Gendry deserves praise for the way in which he was able to sprint back to the Wall like a god damned marathon runner. He made it there in what had to be record time. Anyway, back to Dany. What she did was simply magnificent. I’m talking, of course, about when she put on that white, North of the Wall outfit. It was a thing of beauty. Oh yeah, it was also pretty cool that she swooped in to save everyone’s ass too.

Speaking of saving the day, Uncle Benjen made a surprise appearance to do just that at a moment when it looked like Jon was going to die for the tenth time in this episode alone (I still don’t know why he chose not to jump on the back of the horse. It literally takes two seconds – he had time).

Once Jon was rescued and returned to safety, we got a moment we have been longing to see. Jon finally bent the knee to ‘Dany,’ creating a partnership between the Mother of Dragons and the North. He pretty much had too once she sacrificed one of her ‘children’ to save him and his men. The sexual tension was at an all time high too, complete with – wait for it – hand holding. It’s going to be amazing when Dany and Jon come face to face with Cersei, united together as a powerful alliance.

Side Note: Tormund and the Hound need their own spin off show. The two of them together were unreal.

The Low-Lights

Arya, you are better than that, come on! Baelish seriously has you wrapped around his finger already? The Stark sisters have come far-too-far to have this wedge driven between them by the biggest rat in Winterfell. It was shocking to see the way she was talking to Sansa. I was scared for poor Sansa. It has to be just a bit intimidating when your sister tells you she could wear your face!

Also, for the first time, I need to discuss something that didn’t happen in the episode at all. I want to talk about the folks who are complaining that parts of this episode were unrealistic. Seriously?!?! If your reaction to watching the episode was to complain about how quickly the raven brought the news, or how fast the dragons traveled or even about the White Walkers having a chain, grow up. This is a show with fire-breathing dragons, a Lord of the Light, and a main character who died and was brought back to life. There has been a suspension of disbelief for almost seven full seasons now. You think people would be used to this by now.

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