The Highlights

It’s incredible, but somehow Thrones had us all rooting for Jon and Dany to get together on that ship. It feels strange just writing that sentence, yet somehow the show made it feel so right. I think the only thing going through the viewer’s head at that moment was, ‘that boy did it!’ The Mother of Dragons is about to become the mother of a true-born Targaryen. The finale made it as clear as day for anyone that still hadn’t connected the dots – Jon is definitely a Targaryen. Bran was able to see the secret marriage between Rhaegar and Lyanna and confirm it for himself. This was after Sam tried to take credit for uncovering the biggest secret in Westeros when we know damn well it was Gilly. Speaking of Sam – he may have had the funniest line of the finale when he told Bran, “ooooooh…what’s that?” after hearing that Bran had become the Three-Eyed Raven.

Bran’s visions also helped put the nail in Littlefinger’s coffin in the great hall. Lord Baelish finally got his comeuppance and it was bittersweet to see. He was such a great villain throughout the series. It was only a matter of time before his scheming got him in over his head, and he wasn’t able to talk his way out of it for once. Obviously he absolutely deserved to die, but if we’re being honest, I’m going to miss him throughout the final season. He consistently delivered such great dialogue whenever he was on screen.

This was a finale that was filled with fantastic dialogue between many of the characters. Starting with Jamie and Bronn in the opening sequence, to Cersei and Tyrion, Cersei and Jamie and Sansa and Littlefinger. There was also the scene where the Hound and Brienne were able to bond when talking about Arya.

It was surprising to see that Cersei didn’t order to have Tyrion killed. (Is she actually pregnant or just playing everyone?) My heart also skipped a beat when I thought that it was the end for Jamie. Luckily, Jamie called her bluff and was able to leave unscathed.

The Low-Lights

Theon. There was way to much Theon in this episode. Every moment of air time at this point is obviously very precious, and simply put, Theon’s story line wasted a lot of those valuable minutes in the finale. In fact, I’m out on the entire Greyjoy plot. There are just more important things to focus on with so few episodes left. Speaking of the Greyjoy’s, Euron was a complete letdown this season. I say this because the actor who plays Euron hyped up his character so much before the start of the season. He wanted us to believe that he was the second coming of Ramsay. I was expecting some insane shit from him. I understand that’s not on the writers at all. I just wish that Euron didn’t do that is all.

Also, I got myself too hyped up for the Cleganebowl. I thought for certain it was going to happen when the Hound and the Mountain finally came face-to-face in the pit. It was the perfect spot for them to fight to the death. Oh well, I guess there is always next season (which right now, seems like an eternity away).

Lastly, how ridiculous did the Night King look riding the dragon? It was a great scene overall, but he just looked so preposterous, I had to laugh.

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