You are going to want to clear your calendar if you are Patriots fan. Two must-watch documentaries on the 2016 season will debut next week.

Do Your Job Part 2 will air on NBC this Sunday night at 7 PM. Then on September 6th, America’s Game: 2016 Patriots will premiere on the NFL Network at 9 PM. You can watch both of the trailers below.

I just had to turn off my AC, because these two trailers gave me chills. Give me these types of documentaries on the Patriots all day and twice on Sunday (but not really, because I’ll be watching football games all day). It is always amazing when we are able to pull back the curtain and get an inside look at the Bellichick-run Pats. If the Patriots ever agreed to do Hard Knocks, the ratings would be through the roof.

Set your DVR’s now, because not seeing these will definitely be regrettable.