Forget the two games that took place, Monday Night Football was the Sergio Dipp show.

During the Chargers-Broncos game, everyone found their new favorite sideline reporter.

For whatever reason, ESPN didn’t want to capitalize on the moment by mentioning or showing Dipp again despite the fact he was the No. 1 trend on Twitter. Surprise, surprise…ESPN doesn’t understand that in 2017, that’s the kind of moment a media company needs to take advantage of. Sergio Dipps don’t grow on trees.

The best part might’ve been Dipp’s A+ reaction to his newfound Twitter fame.

Let’s not forget Dipp is a Spanish sideline reporter who did that clip in his second language. That’s not an easy task, and frankly it doesn’t make much sense that ESPN put him out there for an English broadcast of Monday Night Football.

Props to Sergio for being a trooper.