Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen wants you to believe he doesn’t care about the ridiculous 21-game win streak the Indians are on.

Jansen had some words about the Dodgers’ recent issues occurring simultaneously with the success of the Indians and Nationals.

Here’s what he had to say via the LA Times:

I don’t care how good the Indians are playing. I don’t care how good the Nationals are playing. We are still the best team in baseball.

That’s a bold statement from a closer on a team that just went through an 11-game skid.

Jansen at least has the “best record in baseball” thing to fall back on. There’s also the “what do you expect him to say about his team?” argument. Both are technically correct, but let’s make one thing clear: He should care very much about the Indians and Nationals, and chances are deep down he and everyone on his team does.

The Dodgers still should be feared in their own right as the postseason approaches. Teams would be foolish not to be weary of a squad that went on the historic run L.A. had this year.

That being said, given the Dodgers’ reputation for fall collapses, they should care about faltering while other potential postseason threats flourish.

Otherwise, October might just be the same old story: